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wedding cake sample tins

Flavour Menu

As well as being works of art, artistic cakes still need to be delicious cakes too. My flavour menu, honed over years of tweaking recipes to ensure complete harmony, means your contemporary cake will be both style and substance.

As a diagnosed coeliac, I’ve also developed a range of delicious Gluten Free versions of my most popular flavours, and can offer a range of dairy free and vegan recipes too.

Although I can provide cakes that don't contain nuts and take every care to avoid cross contamination, my kitchen does have nuts in it so won’t be suitable for those with severe nut allergies.

black forest wedding cake sample

The Classics

Victoria Sponge

Triple Chocolate

Zesty Lemon

Red Velvet & White Chocolate

Chocolate Orange

Lemon & Elderflower

Salted Caramel

edge-by-imogen-davison-Feb-2023-46 marble _edited.jpg

The Edge

wedding cake flavour menu
voewood close

Custom Flavours

I love playing around with ingredients and coming up with new and exciting flavour combinations. So if you’re craving a cake flavour that’s as unique and personal to you as the cake design is, choose my custom, artisanal flavour service and I’ll create something just for you.

edge cake samples in a tin can_edited.jpg

My cake samples are a revolutionary take on cake sampling, with packaging that ticks all the boxes. Not only are the cake cans super fun to open, but they also look like the kind of beautiful tins you’d want to have in your kitchen and not get rid of. With that in mind, they’re also fully recyclable and reusable, designed to bring you joy again and again.


Choose your flavours from the menu, and you’ll receive 4 mini cakes, each serving 4 portions, plus an additional dessert table or favour item. 

Cake samples that break the mould

"I cannot stress enough, how good these tasted!!!"

Alicia @auroragreyphoto

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